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Dwight Getting Heating & Air Conditioning a family owned company was established July 1,1979 and Incorporated 1981. Dwight took courses related to construction and HVAC and eventually went to work in Westchester County as a carpenter. He started working in New York City as a service technician, learning how to install and service commercial heating and cooling equipment. During this time, he acquired a NYC Fire Department Refrigeration License, which enabled him to operate on equipment in large commercial buildings. From the experience he was able to gather, he established his own company and the rest is history.

He currently does work in Westchester County and also carries a Putnam County Heating and Air Conditioning License and a Connecticut S1 State License. He is approved to work on over 150 different manufacturers equipment including chillers, gas boilers, oil boilers, heat pumps, Geothermal equipment, NY City Con Edison steam and pressure reducing stations.

Dwight believes in order to properly install or service HVAC equipment you need to be educated by the manufacturers on their products. This is essential in providing the proper information to the customer so they can make an educated decision in determining what will work for them.

Dwight requires his employees to continue educating themselves through seminars and manufacturers training courses. He believes that the product sold should meet the needs of the customer.

His key employees include his sons Anthony and Bryan, his wife Christine and Rick.

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