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Heating Systems

Introducing heat into the water or air to make the space warmer. Available are, boiler system with radiators, base board, blowers, fan coils, radiant heat, a heat pump ducted or ductless system, geothermal.

Central Air Conditioning

The means of removing latent and sensible heat from a media. The basic system needs an indoor air handler with an a/c coil, refrigerant piping from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The outdoor condenser dissipates the heat away from the building. A thermostat needs to be installed to regulate the temperature.

Geothermal Heat Pump System

Removing or injecting the heat from the ground into a geothermal system. The ground below provides a constant temperature. Therefore, you do not have seasonal energy efficiency ratio, you have energy efficiency ratio. The temperature range depends on the area you are located in. The ground environment creates a natural energy source with a constant operating performance level. The unit transfers the ground energy through the water source heat pump creating heating and air conditioning. Vertical closed looped wells, open wells, horizontal trenching, lakes and ponds are all an energy source.

Solar Heating

Collecting the suns heat in a panel and transferring it to a fluid running between the collector and the storage tank. This system can be used for domestic hot water or heating a space. Solar heating has come a long way and can provide up to 55% of the required domestic hot water and 45% of the required heating in a space. System for heating hot water depends on the sun,location of panels and the demand.

Ductless Heating & Cooling System

Usually, heating and cooling systems which have one or more indoor units connected to one outdoor unit with refrigerant pipe. The indoor unit pulls the air into the unit from the top, out the front and circulates the air in the immediate area. Therefore duct work is not required.

Ducted Heating & Air Conditioning System

Duct work made of metal, wood, masonry, cardboard or even cloth which allows the controlled transfer of air from one area to another either to ventilate, cool or heat. Most systems are fan powered to increase the speed of transfer from one source to another and discharge out the grille.

Boiler System & Installation

A water vessel used to contain a media which is heated by oil, gas, electric, coal, wood or any basic fuel to produce a media which is then transferred to another area to heat water, air or object.

Heat Pump System

A system that heats and cools by reversing the cooling process. Temperature is extracted from the outside environment and transferred to the indoor media. The system designed typically operates around a 14 seasonal energy efficiency ratio and a 3.5 cop. Heat pumps are installed to offset the cost of operating a fossil fuel system ranging from a 25 to a 55 degree outdoor temperature. With todays two stage heat pumps, it is possible to provide enough heat to replace a fossil fuel system entirely.


The introduction of moisture into an area to increase the comfort or replace the moisture removed from increasing the temperature.

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